Free IP Address Tracer Tool

November 9th, 2015 by

A IP address tracer can find the IP of most any domain or hostname. Keep in mind that no IP address tracer tool is a full 100% accurate because of some variable like the ISP location, proxy services being used, and cellular IPs that roam being put in the mix.

The IP tracer tools includes information like the Net speed, domain name if applicable, ISP, latitude, longitude, time zone, country code, country name, postal or zip code, region or state, city, and of course the IP address being searched.

Most non-technical people think that using a IP tracer is like getting solid information such as a postal address of where a person is. Technical people on the other hand know this is not the case at all and that you can not fully rely on a IP address tracer to give you an exact location of the owner or their whereabouts.

No IP address tool will give you exact results, only very close in most cases when a proxy is not involved. In a best case scenario you will get the city of the IP address to be correct and that is about it. Anything further or deeper is not available without a legal warrant issued to the Internet Service Provider of the IP owner to be revealed.

You can always file a complaint with the ISP that is reported through an IP address lookup tool if you are receiving threats or questionable issues from the IP address like Denial of Service attacks or Spam emails in mass.

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