Domain Name Information Display Standards

October 15th, 2012 by

Domain name information is also knows as Whois or an Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) and used in accordance with other Internet Protocol (IP) to send packets of data from one network device which is connected to the Internet to another device through an IP Address.

These are packets of data contain information such as search queries, email text, and other Internet related files. Internet Protocol is accountable for identifying the delivery target of data where the Transmission Control Protocol or TCP, makes sure efficient routing of information packets over the Internet exists.

If someone sends a file the Transmission Protocol Layer (TCP) separates the file into various information packets before it numbers them for the recipient. Then once the packets being numbered are completed, they are sent to the Internet Protocol (IP) layer for delivery.

It may seem that this explanation is very technical, but it is important to have good knowledge of how these two different concepts work. Both play a vital role in understanding Domain name information and the translation to Whois output on different query sites.

ICANN sets the standards for this domain whois output. What does ICANN mean? ICANN stands for the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers and it oversees organization of identifiers across the entire Internet.

“ICANN is responsible for assigning the unique identifiers which include the domain name, IP or Internet Protocol address, and parameters for TCP. ICANN then sets the policies for these different technological functions for the transmission of information packets.”

All Domain name information related websites should follow ICANN policies so you can receive accurate information on domains and the domain owner. You can also perform your own whois lookup at to see how domain name information is displayed.