How Geo IP Address Location Works

January 3rd, 2012 by

How Geo IP Address Location Works  

Geo IP address location is used for online applications such as Google maps and also helps business owners to learn more about their potential customers.  The technology does not intrude on the privacy of your customers but helps you to gain marketing intelligence so you can get to know your customers better to help them find better solutions.  If you have never heard of geo IP address location here is a basic overview of how it works.


What exactly is Geo IP Address Location?

Each device that is connected to the Internet uses what is known as an IP or Internet Protocol address.  The address allows two devices to communicate with one another over the Internet through a unique identification number which consists of four sets of digits.

Geo IP address stands for a geographic Internet Protocol (IP) address and identifies the geographic location of the device which is connected to the Internet.  It does not invade the privacy of the device user but it does reveal the approximate geographic location of the device which is connected to the Internet.

For the business owner, geo IP address location allows you to analyze your market data according to location which helps you to target your marketing campaigns.  In terms of sites like Google maps you can enter an IP address and then locate the geographical area of the IP address.

If you find an out of the ordinary IP address in your website statistics you can look it up in Google maps and block it from your website if it looks suspicious.  It is also important to note that the IP address may not be entirely accurate since there are ways to cloak or hide an IP address, especially from a device which is hidden behind an NAT or Network Address Translator.


How Geo IP Address Location Works

In terms of Google maps or targeted advertising, geo IP address location tracks the IP address of every device that is connected to the Internet.  Once the IP address which consists of four sets of numbers is identified, the geo IP address technology is then mapped on the basis of an IP address database.  The database is consistently updated and contains IP addresses worldwide which identify the device location by country and by city or town.

Geo IP address location technology is used for Google maps for finding locations of different devices connected to the Internet.  This technology has also been translated to programs such as Google Analytics which helps business owners to discover the geographic location of website visitors.

Geo IP address location is also used by marketing services to help advertisers target their market according to location.  For example, you may have seen advertisements appear in your browser that mention your hometown or city.  This is a tactic which is used to garner attention to the advertisement since it mentions your location.  The idea is to get more eyeballs on the ad and this is accomplished by identifying your location via IP address.

Geo IP address location can also help to reduce the number of bogus transactions which can occur within your business and the number of unscrupulous people who visit your website with malicious intentions.