Treating Your IP Address With Respect

December 3rd, 2012 by

Your IP Address is basically your Internet phone number. It is the way that protocols, people, and other online services connect to your computer location. Twisting and turning between routers, hubs, networks and ISPs – packets eventually make their way to your computer transmitting the information you have requested.

But what happens during all of this protocol transmission period? Quite a bit of tracking and logging, that’s what! So when surfing the Internet, it is important to treat your IP address with the respect it deserves. You wouldn’t go around putting your phone number on every weird online forum or random auction site would you? So why would you want to leave nasty tracks about your IP in the same places, which could just as easily provide tons of details about you and your browsing habits.

By keeping your Internet use clean and straight to the point, then you keep your IP address a “respectful” number on the Internet, and no risks of being blacklisted by your ISP. We’ve built up a list of three ways you can treat your IP with respect and keep your online integrity below!

1. Don’t SPAM

Many times by accident even, people end up spamming through email or forum posts. The best way to do this is to make sure you are only leaving a few comments here and there, and follow the rules of the forum you are visiting or email service you are using. Take a moment to read their Terms of Use or Terms of Service pages and become familiar with them.

2. Don’t Fake It

Many times this is done through fake social media or similar sites by setting up a fake profile. Be you and be real. Everytime you create a profile on Facebook, Twitter, Orkut, and other popular places, your IP address is logged. So shine through with your real personality! That’s what everyone wants anyway, the real you!

3. Don’t Troll

Many times this is done when you disagree with someone online. Maybe you have came across a forum post, Twitter status, or blog comment you don’t like. Let’s face it, everyone has a different opinion, and that’s good, but don’t threaten others simply because you disagree. It can get you in serious trouble. Instead, create meaningful discussion around topics and be polite of others opinions. The Internet is meant to enable better communication, so let’s try that route instead.

There you go! Three simple and easy to understand ways of keeping your IP address safe and maintaining the integrity of it online! Enjoy and in the time being, be sure to see what your IP is by visiting the “What Is My IP” details page on for more!