IP-Adress.com Tools Summary Part 1

January 15th, 2013 by

When it comes to IP address and Whois lookup tools, IP-Adress.com has you covered. We were one of the very first sites on the Internet offering many of the tools that you see today, but enhanced and expanded to keep up this modern needs.

Today we will summarize some of the tools available on our site and how they can best be used by you to obtain the information you need on an IP address or domain better.

IP Tracer

Of course, one of our most popular tools is our IP Tracer which allows you to trace an IP address to its location in the world. It also provides you the country of origin, latitude and longitude, ISP information and local time among other key details.

What Is My IP

This helpful page on our site when pulled up will show information specific to you. It will display what is my IP details for you along with your hostname, remote port, ISP, Country, and if you are using a proxy or not.

Trace Email

If you need to trace email for some reason, then this the tool to use. You can trace an email address directly or you can use the header tool to trace an email sender directly. It will help you discover the the sender of an email address by extracting the IP information from the header. A small fee exists for the full email address report, but well worth it if you need to know the senders location or name. This feature is very helpful to law enforcement or people location agencies.

Internet Speed Test

If you have ever experienced ISP or bandwidth troubles that is causing you to have a poor online connection, then performing our Internet Speed Test will certainly help your cause by giving you a tool to check the speed of your ISP (Internet Service Provider) to make sure you are getting the expectations and level of service that you are paying for.

There are a few tools that we have on our site to help your IP address or other research. In our next article we will cover our Whois lookup, reverse IP, proxy checker, and IP distance tools. Bookmark our blog so you won’t miss a moment! Thanks for using www.IP-Adress.com for your needs!