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May 7th, 2013 by

For many years now IP-Adress.com has been providing the best IP Whois and IP Address information available online. Our reviews and ratings continue to pour in from all the world and each day we receive emails from our users about the service we provide.

We are always honored to get this feedback and our chance to serve you for the needs you have with our networking tools and domain or website reports.

IP-Adress.com is the leader in IP Address related research for along time now. Thankfully we still hold the title currently as the most popular IP related website on the Internet. Obtaining this nod from a Wikipedia referenced author as an authoritative source is a well received complement to the hard work that has went into IP-Adress.com in holding this crown on the Internet.


We want to thank the moderators at Wikipedia for this acknowledgment, and importantly our millions of users over the years who come to us seeking this important research and website details. We work daily to provide an accurate Whois service, along with our IP tracing, email trace, and networking tools each day.

We have also updated our email trace page for those who would like to perform an email header check or one of our other services. Our Whois function reports back your lookup faster and as much information as we can possibly pull for the record you are searching and can be accessed here: http://www.ip-adress.com/whois

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