Microsoft Azure Service Runs Out of IP Addresses

June 24th, 2014 by

The net already knows that we are running out of IPv4 addresses (IP address version 4). The evidence was again seen this past week when Microsoft’s Azure service ran out of IP addresses and started forwarding people to foreign IPs.

As the IPv4 shortage continues to come in to play, Microsoft does not have many options other than redirect US users to non-US locations or risk the Azure service becoming unavailable from lack of IP connections.

Microsoft has been pushing heavy with the US surveillance community that cloud data should remain on native soil for privacy concerns. If Azure, a cloud platform service for hosting files, redirects to non-US locations then there could be a big problem with doing that.

Considering the whole IPv4 space is allocated now Microsoft will have to check in IPv6 support and prevent the Azure cloud hosting from stalling in growth. The conflicts came from VM (Virtual Machines) running on Microsoft’s servers.

Microsoft has since clarified the news that it had ran out of IPs for Azure with an update on its blog that states the following:

The below blog misstated the situation around Microsoft Azure’s IPv4 address space in US regions. Currently, Microsoft has IPv4 space in US regions. That said, inventory space is a dynamic situation. In the past some customers were assigned non-US IPv4 addresses as a result of limited inventory.

We have already updated many major geo-location databases to ensure customers do not experience any confusion in the future. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

You can read the entire update here for more about Microsoft Azure and the IPv4 news.