Wikipedia References As Official IP WHOIS Source

August 6th, 2012 by

In the growing Wikipedia community, the online encyclopedia has become a first choice when it comes to general Internet research, and finding information to key resources to back this information up in a primary function of Wikipedia also.

Needless to say, being referenced by this source as an authority is an honor, and a honor which now holds for the subject of IP WHOIS when it comes to an IP Address WHOIS information. WHOIS is able to be provided for an IP Address just like it is for a domain ending in .com, .net, or one of the other domain extensions. has been a leader in the IP Address related research for many years, and still holds the title currently as the most popular IP related website on the Internet. Obtaining this nod from Wikipedia as an authoritative source is a well received complement to the hard work that has went into in holding this crown.

We want to thank the moderators at Wikipedia for this acknowledgment, and importantly our tens of millions of users over the years who come to us seeking IP WHOIS research. We work daily to provide an accurate IP WHOIS service, along with our IP tracing, email trace, and networking tools used by countless thousands.

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